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Welcome To Whimsical Whispers!

Greetings! We welcome you all to Whimsical Whispers. Looks like you found your way to our reception. Now, without further adieu, follow us while we guide you through the halls of HUS on our magic red carpet. 

Important Note: Our upcoming mystical journeys are sure to leave you spellbound, so kindly proceed with caution!

This blog is a testimonial to what we practice and stand for at HUS. Our students express their learning through different transdisciplinary themes and Integration of arts to inculcate international mindedness and cultural understanding, making them global citizens.

Have you ever wondered how it would feel, to fly through the stars? We are here to make you experience it!  At HUS we are at a pinnacle of learning and our learners are more than overjoyed to express their learning and take it to the next level. So come and join us on this amazing ride!


Nivedha & Pavithra

Whimsical Whispers Team

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